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Cedric Lopez-Almeida


Cedric began his CrossFit journey in February of 2012. For his first month, Cedric strictly attended CrossFit Endurance classes. He was never a big fan of running, but for some reason he was drawn to the interval style training. Cedric did not pick up a barbell or lift any weight until his second month. Before CrossFit Cedric despised weight lifting and stuck to cardio workouts. He now finds that Olympic lifting is his favorite aspect of CrossFit.

After 17 months of CrossFit Cedric decided he wanted to become a coach. After speaking with Trevor on the matter, he decided to acquire his Level 1. In June of 2013, Cedric received his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. Immediately after receiving his certificate he began to coach classes.

“I never thought I would be so into fitness or helping people reach and break through their fitness goals.”

Cedric Lopez-Almeida is currently not instructing any classes.